Male Contraception: Double Standard City!

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Okay, I would just like to put a disclaimer on this, you may need a cup of tea (or another beverage of choice) before sitting down to read this my friends, as it could be a long one, because I'm going to be honest, this topic really has triggered me this week. So, with that in mind, and hopefully drink in hand, lets begin.

As many of you reading this are probably aware, this week it was announced that a new 96% effective male contraceptive had been created and lets be honest, for a brief second, when reading the initial headline, women everyone breathed a sigh of relief until... they read that said wonderful new creation would not be being put to market and why is that? Because the injection caused side effects such as depression, muscle pain & acne and yes, for those of you potentially doing a double take at that, you did read that right.

****make no mistake here, I understand that mental illness isn't something to tell someone to "suck up", let me just make that clear, mental illnesses is very serious and should be treated with sensitivity, and my argument isn't me telling men (or anyone) who suffers from depression to "suck it up"****

However, my argument is with the fact that female contraceptives involve side effects such as: a 34% increased chance of being diagnosed with depression (with certain methods e.g. the pill), weight gain, bone thinning, acne, alopecia, migraines, mood swings, changes in vision, muscle pain, eye problems (including loss of vision!!) & chest pains, to list but a few. However, despite all of this, women world over are still allowed and even encouraged  to protect themselves using various contraceptive methods.

So, bearing the above paragraph in mind, how is it even possible that when a male contraceptive is created, that suddenly side effects such as depression, muscle pain and acne, are unacceptable? (Please, I'm genuinely asking this question!) Why is it unacceptable for a man to put his well being at risk for the sake of not getting someone pregnant, yet it's something that's expected of a woman? Talk about double standards...

I'm sorry boys, but mood swings, muscle pain and spots are basic side effects of a bloody period, and women have no choice but to go through those!

The contraceptive burden isn't just a burden to be borne by women! It takes two people (as a general rule, however, whatever floats your boat and all) to have sex, if a man wants to have sex with a woman, why is it suddenly expected that said woman should be the one with the protection, like genuinely don't get pissed off when she says that she doesn't have a condom or the pill or whatever, because if you don't have one either, YOU'RE JUST AS BAD! It takes two people to have sex and therefore, both people should be willing to be prepared for that in terms of contraception, it's simple logic!

The double standards within this are ridiculous, why should a mans mental well being be deemed more valuable than a woman's? If it's deemed acceptable (and even expected) of a woman to put herself through the aforementioned side effects, then it's also completely acceptable to expect a man to do the same. Simple.

I'd be super interested to read all of your thoughts on this topic, so please let me know in the comments what you guys think! I'm super sorry that this weeks blog is a rant, however I really feel like this is a topic that needs to be covered, because the double standards within it are unacceptable.

As always, thank you for reading!

Until next time,

Beth xx

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  1. Looking at the report and articles around it, they withdrew the medicine because they think there is a way to perfect it. So rather than rushing it onto the market they are seeing if they can make it more bearable than female contraceptives like the pill. That's not sexism, that's good business and good scientific method.

    1. Thank you for your comment anonymous, however I would tend to disagree with you. I understand the idea of not wanting to rush the product to market, however "making it more bearable than female contraceptives", why should they be making one "more bearable" whilst leaving the other as is? I'm not saying that it's sexism, I'm saying that there are double standards within the whole ideology.

    2. Men currently have one method of contraception: The condom. Women currently have: Female condom, diaphragm with spermicide, the pill (Hormone problems), the patch (hormone problems), the ring (hormone problems), shots (hormone shots and bone density issues), IUD, Hormone implants (Hormone issue).

      Now if we look at these two lists we can probably understand why they are trying to find an attractive type of contraceptive for men. Presently there is only a condom, whereas women actually have three non-hormonal options which they can chose from, not to mention a plethora of hormonal treatments which are also all extremely effective. So I wouldn't say there are double standards, there already exist birth control methods that women can use that do not have the mental disorder/depressive side effects, men should be allowed that same opportunity and if they were to start with one that did not cause such gruelling side effects (which women know all too well) they would be far more likely to be open to trying other forms when they are created to a suitable standard.

      As for the pill I imagine it has been ignored largely because of the number of other options in terms of birth control women have, it is of no surprise that it has such nasty side effects however as it was underwritten over 60 years ago! Is it any surprise that modern doctors want to try and better that for men? And if they manage it for men who's to say they wont then move onto women.